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Grinder and Welding Splatter Removal

Grinder and welding spatter is by far the most difficult damage to repair. This type of damage occurs when someone is cutting or grinding heavy gauge steal and the sparks containing tiny pieces of molten metal land on the surface of the glass and either embeds itself onto the surface and/or creates small pockets of expanding gas under the surface due to the explosive heat. This type of damage can sometimes be as deep as 1mm deep and is typically 3 - 4 times more difficult to repair then a common scratch. So if you are grinding and/or welding near glass, always use plenty of protection. Always keep in mind splatter can travel at speeds of 200 mph and damage glass up to 15 feet away.

This particular job was as bad as it gets! The damage was deep, concentrated, and close to the edge...but in the end it came out AMAZING! The reflection on the panel really shows off how good it came out, and the fact that there is ZERO distortion! The techniques used for removing splatter are similar to the ones used to remove deep scratches, and the supplies can all be found here at Scratched Glass Repair Supplies. Please note...these types of repairs are extremly difficult to execute (especially without distortion), so do not try unless you are a professional. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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