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Our high grade cerium oxide is custom made specifically for us, and is capable of removing severe water spots and light scratches on glass. The purity, particulate size, PH level, and suspension are based on our very own recipe, and over 20 years of experience. This is not the cheap stuff you buy on Amazon or eBay. Our cerium oxide is easy to mix, easy to apply, and delivers the most crystal-clear results. The 4-ounce packet is enough to do 40-50 regular size panels depending on how thick you mix it.


PLEASE NOTE: Just because a cerium oxide has a high purity it doesn't mean it's going to perform well. If the particulate size it too small it will not have sufficient friction, and if the PH is not at the correct level, it will not suspend the particulate. Our cerium is made with all these things in mind.

Cerium Oxide (High Grade) - 4oz.

  • Our Cerium Oxide comes in powder form, and is mixed with water to the desired cosistancy. It is used in conjuction with our premium polishing wheel to polish the glass to a crystal clear finish. It is typically mixed to a consistancy of runny salad dressing. But it could be mixed a little thinner or a little more viscous depending on the application.

  • Scratch Doctors accepts PayPal and Wix payments. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). We do not accept returns or cancellations once an order has shipped, but we do accept exchanges (customer is responsible for shipping charges).

    Working with glass is extremely dangerous and is to be done at your own risk. Always put safety first and use a long sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection, and respiratory protection. Please read the information on the FAQ's page, and make sure you understand the process before you start.

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