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This is our Scratch Doctors "Glass Scratch Repair Kit". This is a complete kit that comes with everything required to removes scratches from glass, and it comes with the exact same supplies our technicians carry in their bag (minus the grinder). This kit is a professional grade kit that is capable of removing any type of scratches on glass, water spots, mineral deposit, permenant stain, chemical etching, and any other type of surface damage from glass. It can even take out heavy damage suck as burned in welding slag and grinder splatter. Our kit contains enough discs to remove a couple of scratches from glass, but for larger area please see our Variety Pack. This kit comes with an 8-ounce packet of cerium oxide which is enought to do several repairs, and still have enough left over to do about 30-40 regular size panels depending how thick you mix it. It will work on almost any type of glass in your home, business, automobile, boat, RV, etc.. This kit includes:


1 - Mirka Abralon 6" disc (180 grit)

1 - Mirka Abralon 6" disc (500 grit)

1 - Mirka Abralon 6" disc (1000 disc)

1 - 4 Oz. Packet of our Serium Oxide

1 - 6" Premium Polishing Felt

1 - 6" Backing Plate


PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using an angle grinder (buffer/polisher), but if you are using a regular drill you will need a 5/8" thread drill chuck adpter.

Professional Glass Scratch Repair Kit

  • The Scratch Doctors "Scratch Removal Kit" is capable of removing any type of surface damage from glass, including burnt on welding slag and grinder splatter. It is only limited by the knowledge and skill of the person doing the repair.

  • Scratch Doctors accepts PayPal and Wix payments. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). We do not accept returns or cancellations once an order has shipped, but we do accept exchanges (customer is responsible for shipping charges).

    Working with glass is extremely dangerous and is to be done at your own risk. Always put safety first and use a long sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection, and respiratory protection. Please read the information on the FAQ's page, and make sure you understand the process before you start.

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