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Mirka...The best disc for removing scratches from glass.

Scratch Doctors has been removing scratches from glass for over 20 years, and has spent over 500,000 hours removing of scratches from glass, mineral deposits, and other types of surface damage from glass. During that time we have used every system on the market, performed extensive research and development, and have had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't.

During that time we stumbled on to the Mirka Abralon discs, and never looked back. Mirka Abralon are used for a variety of applications, but have quickly become a little know secret in the glass restoration industry. They are the holy grail of grinding discs, and are what the ultra-professionals use. They can be a little pricey, but they cut better and smoother then anything on the market. Best of all, they are not controlled by any of the greedy supply companies that have a monopoly on the market.

When your looking for the best discs to grind glass, look no further then Mirka Abralon.

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