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 Glass Scratch Repair Supplies Kits and Supplies | Miami, FL | Scratch Doctors
by  Scratch Doctors®
Professional Supplies for the Glass Repair Community.

Guaranteed Results     •    Guaranteed Results 

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Removes any type of damage!


(and any other surface damage!)

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 "We have the best supplies on the market, a free resource section, free instructional videos, and a customer service department that is only a phone call away....Try finding that on Amazon or eBay."

Scratch Doctors has been removing scratches from glass for over 20 years.

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Scratch Doctors is one of the first glass scratch repair companies in the nation. Over the past 20 years we have worked in more than 35 states, owned every machine in our industry, and spent over 500,000 hours removing scratches and other types of damage from we know what works, and what doesn't. All the products on this website are the same ones we use in the field and are all selected based on their performance...not profit. If you're looking for the best products to remove scratches from've come to the right place!

Most of the products professionals use to remove scratches from glass are not sold directly to the public. To purchase them you must first buy a "kit" from one of the few companies that make them. The problem is these kits typically cost between $950 - $2500 and consist of an off-brand drill and a couple hundred dollars in supplies. But what you're really paying for is access to their overpriced we decided to change that. All the products here are available for sale to the open public on an as needed basis. Best of all, they're not controlled by any of these companies and work better than anything they offer!

Scratch Doctors Glass Scratch Repair Supplies

Professional Grade Scratch Repair Kit
glass scratch repair kit

Scratch Doctors "Glass Scratch Repair Kit" comes with the exact same supplies our technicians use in the field. This is a professional grade kit that is capable of removing scratches on glass, water spots from windows, and any type of surface damage from glass.

Best kit on the market!

Need a Professional? Give us a call...

We take Scratches Out Of The Glass!

For service please visit us at SCRATCHDOCTORS.COM

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